Blue Rose Fireplace

First Floor

Home & Community Gallery – The Dining Room

The Blue Rose fireplace, named for the blue roses on its Delft tiles.

The fireplace and overmantel in this room, which originally served as the dining room, have seen more alterations than any other in the building. During the conversion of the Manor Hall into the Village Hall of Yonkers, the entire chimney was removed (the space above this room became part of the Gothic Chamber upstairs) and a non-functioning upper chimney was added to the roof. The lower fireplace was bricked closed, and the overmantel was removed and replaced on the opposite side of the wall (in the reception area) to act as an ornamental backdrop for the Judge’s courtroom bench.

During the 1911 renovation, the American Scenic and Historic Preservation Society removed the non-functioning chimney, opened the fireplace, and returned the overmantel to its original location. Blue and white delft tiles with a rose pattern on a white background were imported and installed.