Pinkster Call For Vendors

PMH Staff
Published on
April 13, 2023

Philipse Manor Hall State Historic Site is seeking vendors for our 2023 Pinkster Festival! Celebrate spring and Dutch and African heritage with us in downtown Yonkers.

Pinkster is the Dutch name for Pentecost, a religious holiday and celebration of spring where people took time to travel and visit family. In the New Netherland Colony, Pinkster was transformed into a unique Afro-Dutch celebration - a week of temporary freedom for enslaved people. Able to travel, earn money, and gather in groups, Pinkster allowed enslaved people to take a break from their endless work, see separated family members, preserve and pass on culture to the next generation, and resist enslavement. Learn more.

Today, we celebrate Pinkster much like they did in the past – with African music and dance, games and children’s activities, vendors, and food and drink. And just like in the past, people of all ages, races, and economic backgrounds are welcome to celebrate this unique Afro-Dutch festival and learn about Our Whole History.

Food, beverage, retail, and nonprofits welcome. Vendors specializing in African, African-American, and colonial products especially welcome. $25 for 10'x10' space.

To apply, download the vendor application below: