Welcome to the Virtual Wing

Philipse Manor Hall Staff
Published on
October 27, 2022

Welcome to Philipse Manor Hall State Historic Site's Virtual Wing and Blog! The Virtual Wing was created as part of the brand new "Our Whole History" exhibit, connecting the century of Philipse family history at this site to the confluence of cultures in Colonial New York, Westchester County, and at the Philipse Manor - Munsee Lunaape, European, and African.

The purpose of the Virtual Wing is to provide additional space for more in-depth historical information related to the "Our Whole History" exhibit. Many of the historical articles present on the Virtual Wing are linked via QR code to parts of the physical exhibit. They can also be accessed via the 360 virtual tour of the museum for those who cannot visit the museum in-person.

The Virtual Wing also acts as a standalone website for Philipse Manor Hall, making space for an event calendar, educational program links, and this blog. The entire website can be translated into Spanish, Arabic, Haitian, Albanian, and Urdu - the five major languages spoken in Yonkers in addition to English. Mouse over "English" in the upper left-hand corner of the website to change the language selection.

The purpose of the blog is to share new discoveries and continuing research connected to Philipse Manor Hall. Stay tuned for historical articles, images, artifacts, and more! We'll also use the blog to share press releases and other newsworthy items.