Student Field Trips

Field Trip Grants

Looking to bring students to Philipse Manor Hall State Historic Site for a field trip? You may be eligible for field trip grants through the Connect-Kids-to-Parks Field Trip Grant Program (Connect Kids), which is designed to connect students in New York State with nature and history. Each grant provides reimbursement of up to $80 per student (and $160 for Special Education students) for field trips to state and federal parks, forests, historic sites, fish hatcheries and outdoor recreation areas - including Philipse Manor Hall State Historic Site!


Eligible organizations include: public schools; county, city, town or village youth bureaus; schools for the deaf and blind; and BOCES programs. Select not-for-profits providing after-school, extracurricular, and summer youth programs may also be eligible.

Public and Private schools that are eligible for Title 1 funding can also apply.

Non-school field trip applicants:  These programs may be asked to submit additional trip information prior to approval.

All not-for-profits must be pre-qualified in the Grants Gateway prior to applying

How to Apply

1. A minimum of 4 weeks in advance (7 weeks for Yonkers Public Schools), contact Philipse Manor Hall to schedule your field trip.

2. Reserve transportation.

3. Once your field trip and transportation reservations are confirmed, apply to Connect Kids.

4. Once your field trip grant is awarded, confirm your trip and transportation.

5. Pay for your field trip and transportation.

6. Enjoy your field trip to Philipse Manor Hall!

7. Submit receipts to Connect Kids for reimbursement.

8. Get reimbursed!

For Yonkers Public Schools

Connect Kids field trip grants to Philipse Manor Hall are coordinated by the office of the Executive Director of Inquiry for Science and Social Studies. Teachers must reserve dates with Philipse Manor Hall at least 7 weeks in advance in order to be eligible for YPS funding.

Ready to Book Your Trip?

Contact us at 914-965-4027, at, or fill out our program request form at the bottom of the main Education page.