Student Field Trips

Museum Tour

Philipse Manor Hall State Historic Site is a historic house that dates back to the 1680s, but it is also a state-of-the-art history museum. Students of all ages and backgrounds will learn about the history of early New York - from pre-contact Indigenous groups of the Hudson Valley through to the end of the American Revolution. The museum exhibit - Our Whole History - follows the three major Colonial groups - Indigenous/Native Americans, especially the Munsee people, European colonists, especially the Philipse family and their tenant farmers, and people of African descent, including those enslaved by Europeans. The exhibit gives all three groups equal weight as it guides learners of all ages through first contact, early settlement, the fur trade, international trade, including the slave trade, forced removal, acts of resistance to slavery, tenant farmer rebellions, and the events leading up to the American Revolution.

Using images, dioramas, artifacts, audio, and video resources, the exhibits engage sight, sound, touch, and even smell!

Guided Tours:

Tours guided by our professional interpretive staff are recommended for groups of all ages, but especially groups younger than high school age. Guided tours generally last one hour, but can be tailored to age group and group needs.

Self-Guided Tours:

It is possible to tour the museum on your own - non-touch items are behind glass or barriers and it can be fun to explore the various audio-visual components individually. Self-guided tours are generally only recommended for mature or small groups.

Scavenger Hunts:

Scavenger hunts are available for grades 1-5 and grades 5-9. Designed to be completed individually or in pairs, the scavenger hunts lead students through the museum in search of clues related to the exhibits. Scavenger hunts are a great option for small groups, homeschoolers, or very large groups where guided tours are not possible.

Price: $3/student

One adult per 10 students gets in free, one-on-one aides and school nurses also free. Any additional chaperones are $3/person. Price includes museum tour and one activity.

Grades: K-12

This program is suitable for all grade levels. Tours can be tailored upon request.

Number of Students: up to 60

This program can accommodate up to 60 students in two groups - one group will tour the museum in small groups and the other will do an activity, and then switch. For tour-only field trips, the maximum number of students for a guided tour is 30.

Time: 60 mins-3 hours

Museum tours typically last 60 minutes. Field trip coordinators should plan a minimum of 1.25 hours for tour-only programs, 2.5 hours (with introduction and organizing time) for combination tour and activity, or 3 hours if the group eats lunch on site.

To Book:

To book this program for your class or school, please fill out our field trip interest form (scroll down), or contact education coordinator John Farrell at Yonkers public schools please allow a minimum of 6 weeks if using Connect Kids funding.