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Early New York and the Fur Trade

The first generation of the Philipse family were heavily involved in the fur trade with Indigenous peoples, including the Munsee and Mohicans in the Hudson Valley and Haudenosaunee/Six Nations in the Albany area. Margaret Hardenbroek and Frederick Philipse I made a fortune in the fur trade, including hoarding wampum.


This program includes a tour of the museum, with emphasis on the Philipse's role in the fur trade.

The Fur Trade Game:

This program includes an interactive, sit-down activity: the Philipse Manor Hall Fur Trade Game. This engaging card game is based on historical evidence of fur trading in the Hudson Valley. Small groups or pairs of students represent one of four groups: the Iroquois, the Munsee, the Dutch West India Company, or the Philipse family as they engage in trade with each other. Groups are issued biographical information, a wish list, and an inventory list with cards representing fur bearing animals and historical trade goods. Students develop interpersonal skills and use basic accounting math to determine the value of their goods and engage in trade with each other. The objective of the game is to fulfill your wish list and to learn more about how the fur trade actually worked in practice.

Price: $3/student

One adult per 10 students gets in free, one-on-one aides and school nurses also free. Any additional chaperones are $3/person.

Grades: 3-9

This program is suitable for 3rd grade through 9th grade.

Number of Students: up to 60

This program can accommodate up to 60 students in two groups - one group will tour the museum in small groups and the other will do the fur trade game activity, and then switch.

Time: 60 mins-3 hours

The Fur Trade Game takes approximately 60 minutes to complete. Museum tours also last 60 minutes. Field trip coordinators should plan a minimum of 2.5 hours (with introduction and organizing time), or 3 hours if the group eats lunch on site.

To Book:

To book this program for your class or school, please fill out our field trip interest form (scroll down), or contact education coordinator John Farrell at Yonkers public schools please allow a minimum of 6 weeks if using Connect Kids funding.